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When is the Right Season for Plastic Surgery?

A common question asked during consultation for cosmetic surgery; “when is the best time of year to do this surgery?” For instance, if you’re having a procedure done to minimize your “double chin,” it makes sense to have the procedure during fall or winter, when you can layer yourself under scarves and turtlenecks to hide some of the immediate after-effects.

Picking the right season for your plastic surgery can help you have better results and an easier recovery. If you’re thinking about plastic surgery, consult with Dr. David Lo of Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery in Knoxville to find out when it’s best for you to go under the knife. 


Let’s look at all four seasons and discuss some of the ways that you can plan your procedure around the seasons.


1. Spring time

People like to be ready for summer; the beach, swimsuits, summer parties, weddings and vacations. Breast augmentation, facial surgery, body contouring and tummy-tucks are all popular procedures during the spring months. Many women realize swimsuit season is just around the corner, and they want to look their best and be fully healed from any invasive procedures by that time. Plastic surgeons also report a surge in non-invasive procedures such as Botox, and fillers during this time of year. 


2. Summer time

Summer time tends to be a bit slow as people want to relax, go on vacation, and enjoy the warm months. Many women will schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon during the summer months as they prepare for their upcoming surgical procedure. It allows them time to determine precisely what they want to be done and they don’t feel rushed into making a quick decision. Also, it is an excellent time to get a non-invasive treatment as there is no downtime or recovery required. 


3. Fall time 

Fall months can be ideal for a wide range of procedures, including body contouring, breast surgeries, rhinoplasty and facial procedures. Fall often has the advantages of bulkier clothing, cooler weather, and less sun. You’ll also have had plenty of time over the summer for great diet and exercise, enhancing the results of procedures like body contouring. You’ll likely be healed and ready to celebrate the holidays with your new look.


4. Winter time

Winter is actually the best time for almost any plastic surgery. Bulky layers and long sleeves can help you keep bandages and swelling covered as you heal. Scarves and turtlenecks can even help cover up facelift work. By the time warmer weather comes around, you’ll have your final results and be ready to show them off. Avoiding sunlight is important for your healing. In the winter, it’s much easier to avoid the sun’s rays, though you should still wear sunscreen.


If you’re not sure when to get your work done, it’s best to meet with a cosmetic surgeon. Call Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery Office in Knoxville at (865) 306-5680 for personalized advice or to SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION with our plastic surgeon, Dr. David Lo.