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What to Expect at Your Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery Consultation

Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Lo and his team understand that a visit to the doctor can cause stress and anxiety. At Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery in Knoxville, we offer consultation appointments to give patients like you an opportunity to meet Dr. Lo and his staff, and to share your goals or address any concerns you may have. We hope our guide will help you understand what to expect at your Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery consultation.

Steps to Your Surgery Consultation

1. Check-in
When you arrive at our office located at 6408 Papermill Drive, Suite 200 in Knoxville, Tennessee, you will begin the check-in process with our Clinic Supervisor and Patient Care Coordinator, Lacy Lotter, RN, BSN.

2. Exam room discussion
Once you have checked in, Nurse Lacy will take you to an exam room where you will discuss your surgical goals as well as your concerns. She will then step out of the exam room to brief Dr. Lo.

3. Patient meets with the Surgeon
Dr. Lo enters the exam room to meet you and review your goals, and briefly discuss a plan for your procedure.

4. Patient changes into a robe for an exam with surgeon and nurse
Dr. Lo will step out of the exam room to give you privacy to change into a robe.

5. Physical exam and plan overview
After changing into a robe, Dr. Lo and Lacy will return to the exam room and begin your physical exam. Then, Dr. Lo will go over your tailored plan and determine if you will need a non-surgical or surgical procedure.

6. Patient has photos taken for medical charts
Before and After photos are a visual reminder of your progress. That is why our next step is taking your photos. These photos remain in your medical chart and will be used by Dr. Lo to reference before your procedure.

7. Final Discussion
You will meet with Nurse Lacy for a closing discussion to ensure that all questions were answered, and concerns addressed. Then, you and Lacy discuss financial costs, scheduling, and downtime to help you plan ahead.

8. Office will follow-up in 2-3 days
Finally, in 2-3 days, our office will give you a call to secure or adjust your plans for your procedure.

Start Your Journey

Patient safety is always our number one goal at Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery. Dr. David Lo and his team work together to make sure that every patient has a successful procedure. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent patient experience not only at your initial consultation but at every visit thereafter. To request a consultation, visit premiersurgicalplasticsurgery.com/request-a-consultation/.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon at your consultation!

What to expect at your consult video

Lacy Lotter, RN, Patient Care Coordinator