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Tips for Sleeping Comfortably After Breast Augmentation


Getting enough sleep and in the right position will help you heal quicker after breast augmentation surgery. When you are sleeping, your body enters into a state of repair, dedicating more blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the injured muscles and tissues to promote healing.

Here are useful tips from Premier Surgical Plastic for sleeping properly after your breast augmentation surgery.



1. Sleep on your back while your head and shoulders are elevated

Sleeping on your back prevents fluid from accumulation, gets your blood circulating, and gives you the most beautiful results. To stay in the elevated position, it is best to start by sleeping in a recliner or using pillows to ensure you stay in the correct position. If you are a tummy or a side sleeper, you have to start your sleep prep in advance of the surgery. Start sleeping on your back, at least a month or two before the surgery.


2. Don’t sleep on your stomach

You should be able to comfortably sleep on your stomach after 12 weeks max. Avoid sleeping on your stomach prior to fully healing as tummy sleeping will put pressure on your breasts and cause your implants to dislocate. After your swelling and bruising have subsided, you can begin sleeping on your side.


3. Move around to tire yourself out

Moving around from the first day of recovery will help reduce the risk of complications and also improve your emotional health and sleep patterns. Ensuring your body maintains good circulation is key to reducing swelling and promoting healing after breast augmentation surgery. Go for short walks or move around the house but avoid participating in any strenuous or serious physical activity too soon.


4. Avoid sleep disruptors like caffeine, sugar, and alcohol

To enjoy a more effective sleeping time, try to stop having too much caffeine, alcohol, and sugar before going to bed. These substances hold you back from falling asleep and interfere with the mechanism of your biological clock.


5. Wear compression garments

The compression garments you are given after surgery will reduce swelling, reduce tension around your incisions, and reduce movement and provide support for your healing tissues helping you feel more comfortable while you sleep.


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