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Premier Plastic Surgeon in Knoxville, TN

Liposuction Procedure in Knoxville, TN

Liposuction targets stubborn fat deposits through a cannula and suction motion. Liposuction is a body sculpting procedure that sculpts the targeted areas of the body. Procedure will improve the shape and proportions by removing pockets of fat in various parts of the body. Liposuction can be performed on almost any body part. Most common areas of the body for the liposuction are: waist, flanks, out tights, hips, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks, inner thighs etc. 

Liposuction not only can safely remove any unwanted fat but can also help sculpt the body area. It will add contour to the areas that you are finding difficult to sculpt with regular exercise. 

It also improves the way clothes fit. This is particularly the case especially for cloth fittings on bust, hips, waist, and thighs.

A good candidate for liposuction procedure can be upto 25 pounds from her weight goal. Lot of times people may want to have a tummy tuck procedure too to remove excess skin. Dr. Lo can guide you and provide recommendations on how to meet your goals.


In first consultation, Dr. Lo will listen to you, understand your goals, answer all your questions and make recommendations.

He will evaluate your body, general health status and any pre-existing conditions or risk factors. Your candidness to answer the questions will contribute towards the success of the procedure.  

Let’s start with a no obligation consultation. Book your appointment to discuss your options with Dr. David Lo. 

Recovery from the procedure

You will be given a post operative garment, which you may need to wear for approximately 2 weeks. Depending on the individual, after 2 weeks, a less compressive garment can be worn. Overall, it takes 4-7 weeks for the recovery. Strenuous physical work should be avoided for the first few weeks. 


It is a personalized procedure. Please contact our office to get a personalized quote. Our friendly Patient Coordinator can answer your questions and help you with it.

Risks & Safety

Premier Surgical is the region’s largest multi-speciality surgical group and Dr. Lo is an extensively trained Plastic Surgeon. You will feel comfortable getting your procedure done at Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery. We encourage you to discuss all your questions with the Surgeon or the support staff.

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Dr. David Lo

Plastic Surgeon in Knoxville, TN

Dr. Lo’s broad and extensive training has given him vast experience in all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery of the breast, body and face. 

Educated & Trained at Renowned Medical Schools

Duke University

Stanford University

Tufts University

Emory University


Largest multi-specialty surgical group in the region.

Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery and Dr. David Lo offer aesthetic surgery of the breast, body and face. Premier Surgical is the largest multi-specialty surgical group in the East Tennessee region. Premium Surgical Plastic Surgery is the plastic surgery division of Premier Surgical group.  We are equipped to provide patients with the best options for comprehensive, state-of-the-art care.

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My experience has always been great with Dr. David Lo and his team members. They are so kind, considerate and caring for me. They seem to take time and listen to all my questions. I would highly recommend Dr. David Lo and his staff at Premier Surgical Associates at any time. They are there willing to help with whatever situation that you may have.
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