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Is Liposuction for You? 3 Conditions to Help you Decide.

Have you ever dwelt over the possibility of getting your body reshaped through liposuction, such as by eliminating your love handles, ridding yourself of unwanted fat from a body part, getting a chiseled chin, or a slender neck? If yes, then it’s only natural to have the thought— “am I eligible for liposuction?”— cross your mind. Many individuals find it hard to wrap their heads around whether they are the perfect candidates for liposuction or not. Contact Dr. David Lo at Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery in Knoxville for a consultation. He can listen to you and provide you personalized recommendations for liposuction or any other procedure.

Meanwhile, here’s a simple three-step assessment to find out if you make the cut:


What’s Your Body Weight?

Although even overweight people can go for liposuction, having a BMI of less than 30 is considered best for
the procedure. With BMI of 30+ Tummy Tuck might be a better option. This is simply because pulling out
excess amounts of body fat from a part can leave undesirable saggy skin behind. Therefore, for best results,
having an ideal body weight is highly recommended.


How Elastic Is Your Skin?

Aging can impair the elasticity of your skin, increase its sagginess, or make it stretch. Fat removal from a
spot lacking adequate elasticity can also make the skin sag, in which case you might need a post-liposuction
tightening procedure. Hence, skin elasticity matters a great deal.


How Healthy You Are, and Do You Smoke?

If you’re keeping good general health and do not smoke (and satisfy the above two conditions comfortably),
then congratulations—you’re an eligible candidate for liposuction. But if you smoke, then nicotine can
suppress your body’s healing ability and complicate things. So, it’s crucial to stop smoking months before
your procedure to ensure the best results.


Wrapping up

While the above factors make up the broad strokes in deciding your eligibility for liposuction, nothing concrete can be determined from afar. Hence, for a better understanding, it’s advisable to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lo and let him assess your situation thoroughly.

Word of advice: You needn’t fret over your eligibility much! Contact Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery at (865) 306-5680 or use our online APPOINTMENT REQUEST to book a personalized consultation with our Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Lo.