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7 Ways to Minimize Plastic Surgery Scars

Scars are naturally a concern for many patients considering plastic surgery. However, you may be surprised to discover the multitude of ways that scarring can be minimized or prevented after a cosmetic procedure.

As experts in plastic surgery, the team at Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery wanted to share 7 ways you can minimize scars and achieve natural-looking results that you love.



1. Surgical skill

Scars can be concealed and minimized with the right approach and surgical techniques. Scar minimization starts with the incisions made during the procedure. A skilled plastic surgeon like  Dr. David Lo will make precise incisions that are discreet/hidden, no deeper or longer than necessary, and handle the underlying tissue with meticulous care.


2. Sun protection

New scars are more fragile than the surrounding skin and will react differently to sun exposure. Unprotected scars can become hyperpigmented and remain darker and more noticeable. To prevent this from occurring, cover new scars with sunscreen for the first year after your plastic surgery.


3. Do not smoke

Smoking increases your risk of scars, which is one of the reasons you are asked to stop smoking both before and after your surgery. Smoking will delay the healing process, which can make the resulting scar more noticeable.


4. Silicone sheets and gel

Silicone scar sheets and silicone gel are effective in reducing the size and coloration of the scars. They are also useful in minimizing the risk of keloid or hypertrophic scars, which are raised or stretched markings. 


5. Topical scar creams

There are many over-the-counter creams that can help heal and diminish the appearance of scars. Ask our plastic surgeon to recommend a product and use it as directed.


6. Laser treatments

Scars are often treated using a variety of nonsurgical laser techniques, which can help improve the look of your skin by making scars less prominent. 


7. Scar revision

In more extreme cases, the plastic surgeon can surgically remove the scar. Scar revision typically entails removing the old scar and re-closing the incision with the expectation that the new scar will heal better than the old one. 


To learn more on how you can minimize scars or to start your plastic surgery journey, feel free to contact our Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery Office in Knoxville at (865) 306-5680 

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