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5 tips for faster recovery after an arm lift procedure

A dramatic loss of weight and even natural aging can lead to large amounts fat or excessive skin on the upper arms. An arm lift or a brachioplasty is a surgical procedure that’s designed to help patients with loose, hanging skin on their upper arms. Often times, a brachioplasty is combined with liposuction to help enhance the shape and appearance of the upper arms.

After arm lift surgery you should allow adequate time for your body to heal properly. Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery in Knoxville offers some tips to speed up your recovery.


1. Resting and sleeping after arm lift surgery

Resting is one of the most important things you can do immediately following your arm lift procedure. Do not attempt any heavy lifting or physical activity in the week after your arm lift. Get as much sleep as possible after your surgery to speed up the recovery process. The best position for sleeping for most people after an arm lift surgery is to sleep on your back in the reclined position for the first two weeks while keeping your arms elevated with the help of some pillows because it ensures the drainage of fluids from your upper extremities and reduces inflammation in the surrounding soft tissue.


2. Wear compression garments

Pressure garments compress your arms to minimize swelling and improve blood flow. Compression garments must be worn because without proper blood circulation you aren’t giving your body a chance to heal the way it wants to. There are compression garments that don’t show under clothing, allowing you to wear them discreetly.


3. Use ice to reduce the swelling and do not use heating pads

Following the procedure, you will notice swelling and this is completely normal. In fact, you may notice it not only in the arms but also in connected tissue, even extending into areas of the back. Use ice to help reduce and control this swelling. When using ice, avoid frozen gel packs. Keep skin slightly cool to the touch, do not overdo it. Do not use a heating pad on your arms or back for a full six months after your surgery. It can be difficult for you to judge the temperature of the arm or back skin. This can lead to burns and scarring.


4. Keep the incision clean and dressed

Proper care should be given to your incision. Always keep it clean and dressing changed. Check daily for signs of infection. By keeping your bandages and wound area protected and clean, you are helping to speed up the healing process.


5. Use An Anti-Scar Cream

The incision area from an arm lift will leave a scar. Although scars will fade over time, you can get rid of them faster. There are gels and creams that can be applied to the incision site to assist the skin in healing and minimize the appearance of scars. Our Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Lo can recommend a product that will meet each patient’s unique needs.

If loose, upper arm skin is affecting your confidence, you may be a candidate for an arm lift procedure. To SCHEDULE a CONSULTATION with Dr. David Lo, Plastic Surgeon at Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery in Knoxville, call us at (865) 306-5680 or book online at: https://www.premiersurgicalplasticsurgery.com/request-a-consultation/