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4 signs your breast implants need to be replaced

Breast implants are not for life, and depending on your age and lifestyle, your  implants will need to be changed sometime in the future. It’s impossible to predict exactly how long an implant lasts in each individual. Though silicone and saline breast implants are expected to last between 10 to 20 years, there may come a time when you feel you need a replacement procedure, known as breast implant revision. 




Questions about replacing implants are some of the most common that we receive at Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery in Knoxville. So, we wanted to share with you 4 common signs that could indicate that you need to replace your breast implants. 


1. Implant rupture

If you have saline implants, a rupture can be fairly obvious, as your breast loses volume and shape as the implant deflates, sometimes fairly quickly depending upon the size of the rupture.

While silicone implants are less prone to rupture, they can still leak, and you may not be aware of the problem as the silicone tends to stay in the area. Silicone ruptures are also called silent ruptures.


2. Capsule contracture or hardening

Capsular contracture is a complication in which thick scar tissue forms around the breast implants. With capsular contracture, breast implants can feel hard and appear tight, misshapen and often sit higher on the chest than desired.  Women with capsular contracture need to have their scar tissue removed to correct the problem and restore a soft, natural feel and look to the breasts. It is also a good idea to have your implants replaced at the same time.


3. Change in position

Sometimes breast implants can shift or become displaced over time so that they’re not in the correct position in the breast. This is called “migrating.” The implants will not move far but it is often enough to be noticeably uneven. This can happen to one or both implants and can be the result of many different factors, such as an error in the initial placement of the implants, choosing implants that are too large, gravity, and problems with the breast skin.


  1. Rippling or Palpability

Sometimes, women who have saline breast implants will experience visible rippling which leads to palpable changes in your breast. This side effect is called rippling because folds in breast implants become visible or can be felt to the touch. Therefore, looking or feeling like ripples beneath the skin.


If you suspect that one or both of your breast implants may need to be replaced, please contact  Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery Office in Knoxville at (865) 306-5680 for personalized advice or to Schedule a Consultation with our breast surgery specialist, Dr. David Lo.