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4 reasons to schedule your surgery during the winter months

Plastic surgery requires planning, a surgical date and a recovery period. Depending on which procedure you have, the recovery period can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. To ensure that your recovery will not interfere with your summer plans, consider scheduling your plastic surgery procedure during the winter so that you have plenty of time to heal. By planning ahead, you can enjoy the warm, summer months participating in something you love, not spending it recovering inside on the couch.

There are many significant advantages to using the winter season as time to recover from your long-desired cosmetic surgery procedure.


1. Enjoy results by spring or summer

Plastic surgery results do not appear overnight. That’s because swelling can persist for up to several months. If you schedule your procedure soon, your results will be visible by spring. You will be ready to enjoy vacations, weddings, and other events looking your absolute best.
Instead of wasting the summer away with recovery, you can be flaunting your new look all season long.


2. Less sun and cooler temperatures

Post-surgery sun exposure is not a good idea. The UV rays from the sun can disrupt the healing of your incision. After surgery, you’ll be advised to avoid direct sun exposure for many weeks. Not only are the daylight hours shorter in the fall and winter, but because temperatures drop, most people limit their time outside. This further protects skin from U.V. rays. Additionally, the cooler temperatures of the winter significantly help with swelling and bruising that’s associated with surgery.


3. Winter clothes help cover scars

Winter time is all about throwing on extra clothing to stay warm and protect the skin from the dry weather. Many plastic surgery patients will notice their swelling, bruising, and surgical wounds are easier to conceal this time of year. Long sleeves, loose sweaters and scarves all enable you to hide the treatment areas until you feel ready to show off your results.


4. More time off for recovery

Surgical procedures require lengthy recovery periods that could interfere with your usual work schedule. You’ll have plenty of time to rest and unwind throughout the holidays without having to worry about work obligations.

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